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Frequently Asked Questions

How do physicians consult with patients who have diabetic macular edema (DME)?

Dr. Sam Mansour
Warrenton, VA

What should I expect before surgery?
Your doctor will make the diagnosis of DME based on a thorough clinical history and examination, usually involving retinal imaging tests to confirm the diagnoses and provide additional important information. If MicroPulse laser therapy is recommended, a consent for treatment will be given to you for your review and signature, and all of your questions regarding treatment will be answered.

What happens during surgery?
To perform MicroPulse laser therapy your eye must be dilated. The lights in the office will be dimmed and you will be seated facing the laser machine, with your doctor facing you. A large lens will be placed on the front of your eye to allow your doctor to see into your eye to do the MicroPulse laser therapy. A drop of a topical anesthetic makes this comfortable.

Treatment usually takes only a few minutes, and is painless. Based on the type of laser used, you may experience some flashing lights during the procedure. If you move during MicroPulse laser therapy there will be no harm to your eye, but it may make treatment take a bit longer.

What should I expect after surgery?
For the rest of the day, your vision will probably be a little blurry. A little irritation of the front of your eye for a few hours after treatment is common, due to the lens placed on your eye during treatment. This irritation is usually mild and lessened by use of frequent artificial tear-drops. Significant pain after treatment should not occur. If it does, contact your doctor.

How will my vision be after treatment?
By the next day, your vision should be as it was before treatment. Vision improvement, if it occurs, can take months; however, MicroPulse laser therapy patients often notice better vision within days to weeks after treatment.

When to schedule an examination?
People with diabetes should schedule examinations at least once a year. More frequent medical eye examinations may be necessary after the diagnosis of DME or other diabetic retinopathy. Following MicroPulse laser therapy or any treatment for DME or other diabetic retinopathy it is important for you to continue to follow up with your doctor on a regular basis for continued monitoring and treatment of your condition. How soon, and how often follow-up examination is required will be determined by your doctor based on your condition.

The responses on this page are provided through direct communication with physicians.