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What is MicroPulse?

Types of Laser Surgery:

Conventional laser therapy uses a “continuous-wave”, or a constant stream of laser energy to burn the retina.
MicroPulse allows the retina to cool between laser pulses, preventing retinal damage. Treatment risks are reduced or eliminated, with less pain and discomfort.

MicroPulse Laser Therapy

MicroPulse laser therapy is a retina sparing solution for the treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema (DME). With MicroPulse, the continuous-wave laser beam is chopped into a train of tiny, repetitive, low energy pulses separated by a brief rest period in between. This allows the retina to cool between laser pulses. During MicroPulse laser therapy, your doctor places laser pulses in the areas of DME. The main goal of treatment is to prevent further loss of vision, but improvement in vision is possible. MicroPulse laser therapy treatment can be repeated as needed without harm to your vision. If your doctor elects, MicroPulse laser therapy can also be used in conjunction with drug therapy, allowing complete and optimized management of your DME without laser-induced retinal damage. Treatment is performed in your doctor’s office or eye clinic as an outpatient procedure. Treatment is painless, requiring only anesthetic eye-drops to perform. Unlike conventional laser treatment, many patients note improved visual function within a week of treatment, and there is no risk of treatment-associated visual loss.

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